0. About VELA

This site hosts digital activities from Thinking Outside the Box, a NSF STEM+C and Core R&D project at SRI International. This project ran from 2015-2018.

On this page, you can download print lesson plans and worksheets that accompany these digital activities, in the draft form in which they were tested during our classroom-based research. These are not final or commercially-polished print materials but are workable classroom materials.

You can also use the digital activities without these lesson plans and worksheets, though you will need to read them first to understand the activities. In addition, most of the digital activities are sequenced into sections that involve “passcodes;” the teacher can control students’ rate of progress through an activity by releasing passcodes over the course of the class. If you are not following our lesson plans precisely, once you understand the general form of an activity, you can quickly access the passcodes you need from Passcode Cheatsheets here.

All of this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. You are free to copy and distribute it for non-commercial purposes only, but not to distribute derivative works based on it.

1. Draft Digital Lesson Plans

Students access our digital activities directly from graphical links on the front-page of this site (http://csforall.sri.com). Teachers access supporting materials here:

A. Graphical Looping

B. Cats & Ladders

C. 3 Switches

D. Alarm Clock

Combined Cheatsheets

In addition to these digital activities, the project produced and tested a variety of unplugged activities, focused both on fundamental concepts and on Scratch-specific programming constructs. An example of these activities is Story Variables (PDF).

2. Scholarly Work & Publications

(edit date: April 2018)

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